Are USB wall outlets worth it?

USB Wall Sockets

The USB wall outlet is an alternative to the electrical outlet. Indeed, the wall USB socket works on the same principle. It fits into your wall and is connected to your electrical installation. You plug the USB charger directly into it without the need for a power adapter.

This socket with USB ports can be placed in any room of the house like a classic electrical outlet. You can choose to position it in your home wherever you want. Next to your bedside table or near the TV cabinet, it goes unnoticed and blends into the decor.

The USB wall outlet comes in two distinct models:

  • USB chargerUSB wall outlets worth it to be equipped only with USB ports.
  • A mixed power outlet equipped with a mains power outlet with one or more USB ports.

In the latter case, the electrical outlet is a completely conventional 220-volt outlet. This will allow you to connect your electrical devices normally. The USB socket, meanwhile, is equipped with an integrated transformer with a power of 1.5 amps. This is more than enough to charge all your mobile devices, even the often-greedy tablets.

Usefulness and Benefits of USB Wall Sockets

As you have certainly noticed, USB wall outlets charge faster. The USB wall socket has therefore been developed to anticipate new consumption habits. The advantages and usefulness of these new generation plugs are therefore multiple.

Here are the main advantages of USB wall outlets:

A simple USB cable is enough to charge its devices. In fact, with the USB wall sockets, it is no longer useful to use the transformer. In addition, you will no longer have to juggle the multiple transformers available for each device.

The charging time is accelerated. Therefore, the main advantage of the USB wall outlet is energy saving. Maybe you did not know it, but using a power adapter slows down the charging time of your mobile devices and therefore consumes more electricity. The USB wall socket eliminates this visibly energy-consuming intermediary and significantly reduces charging time.

The electricity consumption is reduced in standby. Of course, European standards have imposed thresholds to be observed. This challenge was largely taken up by the designers who developed universal wall charger models dividing by 5 the standby consumption compared to the European legislation of 0.09 Watt.

These new generation sockets are more aesthetic. They offer one or more USB ports depending on your needs. You can easily charge multiple devices on a single USB socket. Unlike sockets with which you were forced to add sockets by the use of multiple sockets, the USB wall socket is placed where you want and allows you to free the electrical outlets. With the USB wall outlet, this clutter of electrical wires will disappear from your home.

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